“Give me 12 weeks and I’ll help you totally transform your physical, mental and 
spiritual health.”

- Sharon Feanny

“Give me 12 weeks 
and I’ll help you 
totally transform 
your physical, 
mental and 
spiritual health.”

- Sharon Feanny

An Exclusive, Online Wellness Immersion For Optimal Health -
Body, Mind And Soul

 An Exclusive Online Wellness Immersion For Optimal Health - 
Body, Mind And Soul

This program is designed for you if…

  • You’ve been struggling through the pandemic… You’ve lost your will to eat well and exercise. You have gained weight. You don’t feel good about yourself, and you are ready to get back to optimal health… .
  • Or, you ARE exercising like crazy, but your weight is not budging and your body is not changing. You are wondering if it’s even worth the effort right now.
  • Your body is in toxic overload. You know this, you can feel it, but you just don't know what to do about it.
  • Your once organized life now seems out of control and you are ready to get back to a structure and daily routine that serves your physical and mental health.
  • ​You want to move to a more healthy, plant-based diet, but do not know where to start or even how to navigate your kitchen.
  • You are battling stress, fear (even terror), anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and extreme exhaustion from the overwhelming reality of our times.
  • You know meditation is important, but just can’t even imagine sitting still. Crazy thoughts are always running through your mind.
  • You are missing the way things were - your gym, your workout partner, your yoga studio, your social life… You are wishing things would just go back to “normal”.
  • ​You are ready to see the deeper meaning of all that is going on, meet your life where it’s at, and move on to something greater you know is waiting for you.
  • You need a judgment-free, supportive, loving space where there is accountability, community and a guide to be there for you every step of the way.


September 18th - December 11th, 2020

  • LIVE Online Yoga & Fitness Classes 5 Days per Week (Monday - Friday) with Sharon and guest instructors. Recordings will be available for replay any time
  • The full 21-Day SHAKTI ACTIVATION Guided Detox + Yoga + Self Care Program
  • A Weekly SACRED CIRCLE lunchtime group session with Sharon
  • A Guided MEDITATION & JOURNALING PRACTICE to help you focus and set the tone of your day 
  • ​A deep dive into SUPER NUTRITION & HEALTHY MEAL PREP where you’ll get comfortable in your kitchen and learn how to turn it into a super immunity-building, high vitality, energy center for you and your family
  • ​A digital copy of Sharon’s LIVE FIT KITCHEN COOKBOOK
  • ​A positive, global COMMUNITY of like-minded souls who want to be the change they want to see in the world
  • ​​Monthly WELLNESS WEBINARS where we will explore the theme of the month more deeply
  • ​A Monthly Newsletter with WELLNESS TIPS, TOOLS, PRACTICES
  • ​10% DISCOUNT on all online store items







Your Program Fee

3 Monthly Payments of



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"The ancient tools, principles and practices I will be sharing during this comprehensive program will bring you to a space of complete physical, mental and spiritual strength."
"The ancient tools, principles 
and practices I will be sharing during this comprehensive program will bring you 
to a space of complete physical, mental and spiritual strength."

The 3 phases of Shakti at Home include…



Your first month will be about committing to a morning meditation, journaling practice and fitness routine. 

You will be guided into leaning into a more plant-based diet by following Sharon’s nutrition philosophy. 

You will also be given an Accountability Partner who will be there to support you, listen to you and motivate you to stay on your path.



Month 2 will focus on eliminating toxins, and getting fitter, stronger and more flexible each day. 

This month will include Shakti Activation, Sharon’s signature 21-day Yoga + Detox + Self Care program. By eliminating alcohol, sugar, wheat and dairy, and incorporating super nutritious high vitality foods, you’ll get rid of toxic overload, alkaline your body and shred unwanted pounds easily - without ever being hungry. 

This is not just a nutritional detox, this is a letting go of the habits and thought patterns that are no longer serving you - a release of what is depleting you of your energy, and what’s holding you back from being who you truly are. 

In this month you start to feel like “you” again. Your energy is back, you are smiling more, you are sleeping better. Your heart is more at ease.



By this phase of the program you’ll be feeling spiritually, physically, mentally and nutritionally fit. 

Our final month will be about goal-setting and creating a plan for 2021. Some of you may want to continue the detox until the end of the program and you will be supported. Others will be ready to go back to their “new normal” way of eating, following the 80-10-10 rule. 

Everyone will have a steady meditation and yoga practice. You will reflect on the lessons learned from 2020 and the COVID crisis, bless and release what is no longer serving you, and look forward to 2021 with a plan that includes living a life of passion and purpose.

Each part of this program is important to achieving the goal of wholeness and radical loving acceptance.

Why there’s no better time than right now…

The pain and separation we are all feeling is breaking us. We feel it in our bodies - manifesting in weight gain, digestive issues, chronic fatigue and unexplainable illness. 

We feel it in our minds - anxiety, insomnia, negativity, fear and an inability to focus. Most of all, we feel it in our souls - as sadness where there was once joy, terror where there was once peace, and a sense of loneliness and disconnection where there was once wholeness and aliveness. 

I know this. I’ve been there. And, this is why I have created this program.

This pandemic and its effects on our psyche are not going away anytime soon. The only thing that is going to get us through is radical self-care, learning to still our minds, moving our bodies, super nutrition, and connection to a community of like-minded souls who realize that as unbearable as these times are, the entire planet is undergoing a transformation and inner work is vital.
Every aspect of the programme is beneficial , no matter what your age or experience. The joy for me was doing it in private with no sense of being watched or judged, but nevertheless having Sharon available throughout. It is an HUGE gift to oneself!
Thank you Sharon. Your support and knowledge have been a wonderful gift from so many angles. Your holistic approach coupled with your open giving spirit have made this journey towards healing and living fit is amazing.
"This program includes EVERYTHING I’ve ever taught over the last 30 years as a yoga teacher and wellness expert, packaged in one, with the goal of bringing lasting change to anyone who participates and truly commits to the process."

At the end of this program you’ll…

  • Have lost weight without starvation or crazy diets… and you’ll have the tools to keep it off forever.
  • Know how to prepare healthy, nourishing, delicious foods for you and your loved ones.
  • Feel fitter, stronger and more flexible than ever before, no matter your age.
  • ​Have a strong spiritual foundation and a sense that you are connected to something that is bigger than yourself. You will know how to meet your body, your life, your relationships where they are at with loving acceptance and a sense of gratitude and awe at it all - even during these most challenging of times.
  • ​Be free of nagging medical issues caused by toxic overload, like indigestion, chronic fatigue, joint pain and headaches. 
  • Feel full of positive energy and vitality.
  • ​Be less stressed and anxious, and know the tools to access inner peace.
  • Courageously step into your passion and purpose.
  • Know the self care tools that work best for you.
  • ​Know how to regulate your nervous system and stop yourself from spiralling into negativity.
  • ​Feel a greater connection to self and have better relationships with others.
  • ​Have a daily spiritual practice that nurtures your soul.
  • ​Enjoy moving your body daily.
  • ​Feel liberated, alive and free. 

You will end 2020 THRIVING, not just surviving. 

Meet Your Guide

Master yoga teacher and wellness warrior, Sharon Feanny, has spent over 30 years dedicated to spreading the gifts of well-living across her homeland of Jamaica and throughout the world. 

A sought after wellness expert, each year Sharon hosts retreats, cooking workshops, detox programs and yoga classes. 

Since the pandemic, Sharon has been sharing yoga, fitness and wellness practices with a robust online community, with the goal of helping people manage the enormous stress of the time. 

She is adamant that we can rise above these unprecedented circumstances better, stronger, healthier and happier than ever before. 

The Shakti Activation 12 Week Program is a culmination of all of Sharon’s studies and her past work with countless clients, bringing it all together in one space for optimal healing and total transformation of mind, body and spirit.

The SHAKTI Scholarship

If you feel that this program would be a great fit for you but you cannot afford the registration fee, please submit your scholarship application HERE.

Submission of application ends on midnight of September 15, 2020.

The detail, structure, ease and support of this program is very well planned and amazing! I would highly recommend it to everyone. Getting back to yoga has taught me so much.. It has humbled me and given me release, hope and inspiration.
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