This Program Will Have You Feeling Great Again!
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Does this sound like you?
  • You know what to do to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals, but you’ve fallen off the bandwagon again. 
  • ​You’re tired of feeling so tired – and putting everyone else’s needs before yours.  
  • ​You don’t have the time or money to go on a fancy yoga retreat right now, yet you’re deeply craving time to breathe, relax and take care of YOU.
  • ​You’re not loving what you see in the mirror. You’ve lost the sparkle in your eyes and the glow on your skin – and the shape that you love.  
  • ​You find yourself reaching for processed or “junk” foods (even when you know better). You wish that someone could just help you get back on track.  
  • ​You’ve lost your yoga and meditation practice OR you’d really like to start one.  
  • ​You’re bored with what you’re eating and would love some new healthy recipes that are not only delicious – but also super easy to make. 
  • ​You’re ready to get back on track, and feel like yourself again
Look no further. You’re in the right place.
When you’re on your own, it can be so hard to break those bad habits that have crept into your life or to keep up with a regular movement and self-care practice.  

That’s all about to change…  

Imagine what it would feel like to give yourself the gift of a 7-day yoga, detox + self-care retreat – without having to leave the comfort or privacy of home (or take time off work) to do it! That’s what Shakti Activation is all about.  

My name is Sharon Feanny and I’m here to guide you through this journey of transformation right back to your best self.  
Sharon Feanny
Sharon Feanny
Reset Your Body, Mind + Soul  
You know how it goes… After returning from a vacation or retreat, you slip right back into your old habits in a matter of days.  

Shakti Activation is different. It’s a way for you to enjoy all the benefits of a yoga + detox retreat from the privacy of your own home – while you’re still going about your normal daily routine.  

This unique guided program will give you the body, mind + soul reset you’ve been dreaming about – with healthy eating, movement, meditation, and self-care.  

It will help you get back on track and stay there, because you’ll learn how to integrate these practices into your everyday life FOR LIFE.
What You’ll Let Go Of…
  • The Bad Boys: 7 Days of No Alcohol, Sugar, Wheat, Dairy, Processed or Acidic Foods. (Coffee lovers: relax! If caffeine is your vice, you will be allowed 1 cup of black coffee a day and get support to help you slowly wean off.) 
  • Late Nights: Sleep is a GAME CHANGER, so we will work together to help you develop healthy sleep habits that will make a huge difference in your energy. 
  • Stress: This program is designed to work around your daily life, however, please check your calendar to make sure you don’t have any major events during the 7 days (i.e. a party to plan, major deadline to meet or a big trip that will take you away from home). We are going to be in the No Stress Zone as much as possible.
  • Excuses: When you sign up for this program, you’re making a commitment to YOU. I know your life is busy, but you can do anything for 7 days (and I promise it will be fun!). You’ll get a daily yoga + meditation practice that you can do in the morning or evening to activate your life force, and leave you feeling full of energy and vitality!
  • ​Being The Boss: You have enough on your plate already, so I’ll guide you through this program every step of the way. From daily meal plans and recipes to group coaching calls, to yoga + meditation videos, you won’t have to organize a thing (except shopping for and preparing your new favorite delicious meals).
What You’ll Get…
7 Day Meal Plan: Delicious Detox Recipes + Shopping Lists – Everything you need to know to make daily Green Power Smoothies, Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snacks, Dinner and Detox Elixirs you’ll LOVE.  

7 Guided Yoga Classes: It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced Yogi or you’ve never practiced before – this program is for ALL levels. These Kundalini-inspired classes will help to speed up the detox process and activate your life force. You’ll have access to these videos for life!

7 Meditation + Relaxation Videos: Whether you’re new to meditation or have practiced before, these short guided videos are specially designed to help you find that place inside of deep peace… in just a few minutes each day.  

Self-Inquiry Questions: Reconnect with yourself, your dreams and goals – and commit to fulfilling them.  

Self-Care Practices: Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to take all day. You’ll learn a few simple self-care practices that go a long way toward making you feel relaxed and cared for. 

Motivation: Ever tried to do a Detox on your own?? It’s hard, if not impossible! In this program you’ll join a global tribe of inspiring people who are on the same path as you. Stay connected in our private Facebook page and get support from me daily – and during our Group Coaching Sessions.  

Daily Emails with step by step guided instruction for your Pre-Detox, Detox and Post Detox Programs. You will learn amazing tips that will keep you on this path forever.  
If You’re Ready To:
Feel like yourself again – grounded, centered, and clear 

Let go of bad habits that are no longer serving you

Get back into a routine of a healthy lifestyle (without feeling deprived!) 

Have more energy and vitality to move through your days 

Look and feel younger than you have in a long time 

Watch as nagging health issues resolve themselves

Clear your mind and open your heart 

Reduce inflammation and toxicity – and feel lean and clean! 

Enjoy all the benefits of a retreat in the privacy of your own home

Develop a yoga and meditation practice you’ll have for life  
Then I look forward to having you in the program!
Success Stories
I cannot even begin to tell you how much this program has done for me , in more ways than I could’ve expected or imagined. I went into it thinking “ ok detox great, if I’m being honest I also said ( maybe I’ll lose some weight😂) “ but I had no idea what was to come. It has unlocked something that has been so quiet and still within me and I feel as though I have woken up !!! Thank you for giving us the tools , not just in delicious recipes , but in helping to reconnect and become aware of what’s really happening on the inside literally and figuratively. I am forever grateful to you Sharon ❤ P.S I can no longer fall asleep with the tv I tried !!!  

Sharon, this was a brilliant experience for me. Thanks for making it so easy and accessible. I’m drinking my smoothie right now and thinking of all the positive changes I’m able to make after just a week of rejuvenating mind, body, spirit. I’ve heard it said that our guts are our second brain and it’s no joke, I feel super clear and focused. Thanks again and looking forward to keeping this momentum going.

This is a well thought out and beautifully curated program. There is so much support! All your questions are answered. Everything is organized to make it easy to know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Easy to stick with the program because of this.

Sharon Feanny
Twenty years ago, after becoming a certified Yoga Instructor, I returned to Jamaica, the land of my birth with a vision to bring the gift of Yoga to the island. 

Today, I have not only been credited with bringing Yoga to Jamaica, but in spreading the message of health and happiness through my Transformational Live Fit Detox Programs, innovative Yoga classes that range from my signature Shakti Vinyasa Flow to my cutting edge, Live Fit Yoga (a combination of Kundalini Yoga with High Intensity Interval Training), Yoga Retreats, High Vitality Cookbook and Cooking Workshops, Aromatherapy Products, and a Yoga DVD.
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